Lumped LC Band Pass Filter, 50-90 MHz


Product Overview SXBP-70W+ is a 50W bandpass filter in a shielded package fabricated using SMT technology. This bandpass filter covers from 50 to 90 MHz. This filter build with high Q capacitors and wire welded inductors for high reliability. This filter has sharper cut-off and well suited for IF signal processing applications. Feature Advantages Very low insertion loss, 0.5 dB typical Can be used in telecommunication and broadband wireless application. Good rejection This enables the filter attenuate spurious signals and reject harmonics for broad frequency band. Shielded package The small surface mount package enables the SXBP-70W+ to be used in compact design


IF Frequency
• Very low insertion loss, 0.5 dB typical
• Flat group delay response, 2 ns typical
• Miniature shielded package
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