Surface Mount RF 2:1 Transformer , from 10 to 9000 MHz

Mini-Circuits’ SCTX2-93-2W+ is a surface-mount transmission line transformer (core and Semi-Rigid cable) covering a very wide frequency range from 10 to 9000 MHz. The transformer  rovides low insertion loss with excellent phase and amplitude performance. Featuring core and cable construction on a 12-lead PCB unit measures 0.60 x 0.60 x 0.15 accommodating dense circuit board layouts.


• Super wideband, 10 to 9000 MHz • Low insertion loss, 2.8 dB typ. up to 8 GHz • Amplitude Unbalance, ±0.9 dB typ. up to 6 GHz • Good input return loss, 14 dB typ. • Low phase unbalance, ±9˚ typ. • Common mode rejection, 20 dB typ.

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