X4 Freqquency Multiplier , from 1720 to 2520 MHz

Mini-Circuits’ RKK-4-252+ frequency multiplier provides a multiplication factor of 4, converting input fre- quencies from 430 to 630 MHz into output frequencies from 1720 to 2520 MHz, supporting applications including synthesizers, local oscillators, satellite up and down converters and more. This model provides an input power range from +16 to +19 dBm, low conversion loss and good harmonic suppression. The multiplier comes housed in a miniature, shielded surface-mount package (0.50 x 0.50 x 0.18″) with wrap- around terminations for excellent solderability.


• broadband • high rejection F1, 33 dBc typ; F2, 32 dBc typ; F3, 30 dBc typ; F5, 35 dBc typ. • aqueous washable

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