Key Features Feature Advantages USB & Ethernet control USB HID and Ethernet (HTTP / Telnet) interfaces provide easy compatibility with a wide range of software setups and programming environments Programmable attenuation sweep and Hop sequences The RCDAT-6000-60 can be programmed with a timed sequence of attenuation settings, to run without any additional external control. 60 dB attenuation range. The RCDAT-6000-60 provides high-accuracy attenuation up to 60 dB in 0.25 dB steps, allowing the user precise level control over a broad attenuation and frequency range. High linearity Typical input IP3 of +55 dBm up to 6000 MHz. Trademarks: Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Tor- valds. Mac is a registered trademark of Apple Corporation. Pentium is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation. Neither Mini-Circuits nor the Mini-Circuits RCDAT- series attenuators are affiliated with or endorsed by the owners of the above referenced trademarks. Mini-Circuits and the Mini-Circuits logo are registered trademarks of Scientific Components Corporation.


Attenuation range, 30 dB • Fine attenuation resolution, 0.25 dB • Short attenuation transition time (650 ns)

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