Key Features USB/Ethernet RF Switch Matrix Feature Advantages Ethernet-TCP/IP- HTTP and Telnet Protocols (Supports DHCP and Static IP) The RC-8SPDT-A18 switch matrix can be controlled from any Windows®, Mac®, or Linux® computer, or even a mobile device with a network connection and Ethernet-TCP/IP (HTTP or Telnet protocols) support. Using a VPN would allow remote control from anywhere in the world. USB HID (Human Interface Device) User may also control the switch matrix via USB connection. Plug-and-Play, no driver required. Compatible with Windows® or Linux® operating systems using 32 and 64 bit architecture. RF SPDT absorptive electromechanical switches Wideband (DC to 18 GHz) with low insertion loss (0.2 dB typ.), very high isolation (85 dB typ.), and high power rating (20W cold switching). Switch Cycle Counters Allows user to monitor the exact usage and plan test requirements accordingly. Break-before-make configuration Prevents the momentary connection of the old and new signal paths and reduces transient phenomena.


4 Mechanical SPDT switch box • High reliability, 10 million switch cycles • 20W power rating (cold switching) & High isolation, 85 dB typ

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