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High Power Power Splitter/Combiner, 50Ω, 2 Way-90°, 25W, 3000 to 14500 MHz


• High power, up to 25W
• Ultra wideband, 3000 – 14500 MHz
• Good amplitude unbalance, ±1.5 dB Typ
• Good phase unbalance, ±5 deg Typ


Mini-Circuits’ new 2-way 90° power splitter, QCH-153+ capable of handling up to 25W with amplitude unbalance of ±1.5 dB typ and phase unbalance of ±5 deg. typ. Operating over a frequency range of 3000 to 14500 MHz, the good phase and amplitude unbalance make this component a versatile building block for use in a variety of systems and sub-system designs from balanced amplifiers and antenna feeds to military applications and more. The splitter is fabricated using laminated PCB process (0.560 x 0.200 x 0.063”) and includes wrap-around terminations for good solderability and easy visual inspection.

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