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USB/Ethernet RMS Power Sensor 50 MHz - 18 GHz, -60 to +20 dBm



• RMS (average) power measurements with 80 dB dynamic range
• Measure wideband modulated & multi-tone signals
• Measure pulsed signals with moderate duty cycles (≥2%)
• Integrated LCD display for quick power readings
• Ethernet & USB control


Mini-Circuits’ PWR-18RMS-RC is a high-performance and cost-effective RMS power sensor for measurement of average power levels in a diverse range of test applications. The sensor operates from 50 MHz to 18 GHz, detecting input signals as high as +20 dBm and all the way down to -60 dBm. The compact package includes a rubberized outer case for protection and portability, N-type RF input connector, integrated LCD screen, SMB trigger input / output options and Ethernet / USB control.
The included measurement software for Windows walks the user through the power sensor settings, displays the current measurements and provides powerful data recording and export capabilities. A full API for Windows is also provided, with programming instructions and examples for Windows and Linux systems to set up automated power measurements in a range of common programming environments. Full control is available via Ethernet and USB, with the integrated LCD screen providing a convenient local read-out to the operator of power measurements and key settings.
Mini-Circuits has a wide range of high-performance power sensors available on our website. Consider the PWR-18PWHS-RC peak power sensor if measurements of fast pulses, high crest factor signals or pulse rise / fall times are needed.

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