Low Noise, Wideband, High IP3 Monolithic Amplifier, 500 - 8000 MHz, 50Ω


• Low Noise figure, 1.3 dB at 2 GHz
• High IP3, 35 dBm typ. at 2 GHz
• High Pout, P1dB 20.7 dBm typ. at 2 GHz and 6V
• Excellent Gain flatness, ±0.9 dB over 0.5 to 7 GHz and 6V


The PMA3-83LN+ is a PHEMT based wideband, low noise MMIC amplifier with a unique combination of low noise, high IP3, and flat gain over wideband making it ideal for sensitive, high-dynamic-range receiver applications. This design operates on a single 5V or 6V supply, is well matched for 50 and comes in a tiny, low profile package (3 x 3 x 0.89mm), accommodating dense circuit board layouts.

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