High Dynamic Range, MMIC 75Ω Amplifier, 5 MHz to 1.5 GHz


PGA-122-75+ (RoHS compliant) is an advanced wideband amplifier fabricated using E-PHEMT technology and offers extremely high dynamic range over a broad frequency range with low noise figure and flat gain. Lead finish is SnAgNi. It has repeatable performance from lot to lot and is enclosed in a SOT-89 package for very good thermal performance. Feature Advantages Broad Band: 0.04 to 1.5 GHz 0.04 to 1.5 GHz bandwidth covers primary CATV applications such as DOCSIS 3.1 Application circuit for 5 to 2000 MHz available Supports bandwidth requirements for upstream CATV applications. See application note AN-60-087. Recommend Evaluation Board, TB-885+ High IP3 Versus DC power Consumption: 43 dBm typical at 0.5 GHz The PGA-122-75+ matches industry leading IP3 performance relative to device size and power consumption. The combination of the design and E-PHEMPT structure provides enhanced linearity over a broad frequency range as evidence in the IP3 being typically 15-20 dB above the P 1dB point. This feature makes this amplifier ideal for use in CATV applications. High IP2, 54 dBm at 0.5 GHz Suppresses second order product on wideband applications such as CATV Low Noise Figure, 2.9 dB at 0.5 GHz Low noise figure performance in combination with the high output IP3 results in high dynamic range. Excellent CSO/CTB* CSO, -59 dBc CTB, -80 dBc Measured at channel 78 Competitive performance at lower current and supply voltage. PGA-122-75+


High IP3 • Flat Gain / Excellent Return Loss • Low Noise Figure

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