Ceramic Balun Transformer, 625 - 2815 MHz, 50Ω, 1:2 Ratio


• wideband, 625 to 2815 MHz
• miniature size 0805 (2.0×1.25mm)
• LTCC construction
• low cost
• aqueous washable


Mini-Circuits new RF Transformer, NCS2-282+ converts single ended, unbalanced RF signals, that propogate through systems, to balanced signals that are required for many semiconductor devices. The NCS series offers a low cost small size alternative for matching, A/D converters, System on Chips, and up/down converters. The outstanding phase and am- plitude unbalance make this component a versatile building block for use in a variety of systems and sub-system designs. package with low inductance, excellent thermal efficiency, and high ESD rating.

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