Product Overview Mini-Circuits’ MSWA2-50+ is an absorptive GaAs MESFET SPDT MMIC Switch supporting a wide range of switching applications from DC to 5000 MHz. This model provides high isolation and ultra-fast switching 5ns Rise/Fall time. It is produced using GaAs MESFET process and comes in a tiny 3x3mm QFN package rated MSL1. Feature Advantages Wideband, DC to 5000 MHz One model can be used in many applications, saving component count. Also ideal for wideband applications such as military and instrumentation. High Isolation, 53 dB at 1000 MHz High isolation significantly reduces leakage of power to the OFF port. High linearity, +54 dBm IP3 at 1000 MHz High linearity minimizes unwanted intermodulation products which are difficult or impossible to filter out in multi-carrier environments or in the presence of strong interfering signals from adjacent circuitry or received by an antenna. Very fast switching, 5ns typ. rise/fall time Fast switching makes this model suitable for applications where extremely fast transition between ports is required such as automated switching networks. Small size, 3x3mm QFN package Tiny footprint saves space in dense layouts while providing low inductance, re- peatable transitions, and excellent thermal contact to the PCB.


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