Low Current MMIC Amplifier, 0.5 to 4.5 GHz


Product Overview MNA-5W+ is a wideband PHEMT based MMIC amplifier with high active Directivity. MNA integrates the en- tire matching network and majority of the bias circuit inside the package, reducing the need for complicated external circuits. This approach makes the MNA amplifier extremely straightforward to use. This design op- erates on a single 2.8 to 5V supply, is well matched for 50 and comes in a tiny, low profile 3x3mm 8-lead MCLP package accommodating dense circuit board layouts. Feature Advantages Excellent Active Directivity (Isolation- Gain) 17-23 dB Ideal for use as a buffer amplifier minimizing interaction of adjacent circuits Integrates DC blocks and RF choke Minimizes external components, component count and circuit area. Single +2.8 to +5V operation Amplifier can be used at low voltage such as +3V or standard +5V. +5V operation results in higher P1dB and OIP3. 3 x 3mm 8-lead MCLP package Tiny footprint saves space in dense layouts while providing low inductance, repeatable transitions, and excellent thermal contact to the PCB.


Integrated matching, DC Blocks and bias circuits • Excellent Active Directivity • Operates over 2.8-5V
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