Ceramic Low Pass Filter, DC - 11000 MHz, 50Ω


Mini-Circuits’ LFCW-113+ is an LTCC low pass filter with a passband from DC to 11 GHz, supporting a variety of ap- plications. This model provides 1.5 dB typical passband insertion loss and provides a very good stopband rejection due to strategically constructed layout with minimal interaction between components. It handles up to 4 W RF input power and provides a wide operating temperature range from -55 to +100°C. Housed in a tiny 0603 ceramic form factor with wraparound terminations, the filter is ideal for dense PCB layouts and with minimal performance variation due to parasitics.


• Low loss, 1.5 dB typical
• Good rejection 35 dB typical
• Extremely small size 0603 (0.063″ X 0.032″ X 0.024″)
• Temperature stable
• LTCC construction
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