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LTCC SMT Low Pass Filter, DC - 23.8 GHz, 50Ω



• Stop Band Rejection, up to 38dB Typ.
• Pass Band Return Loss, 13dB Typ.
• Rugged Ceramic Construction
• Small Size, 1210 Surface Mount Footprint


Mini-Circuits’ LFCV-2402+ is a miniature low-temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) low pass filter with a DC to 23.8GHz passband that supports a variety of applications. This model provides 2.8dB typical insertion loss over a wide band due to its rugged monolithic construction. Housed in a small 1210 ceramic form factor, the filter is ideal for dense signal chain PCB layouts, where it complements MMIC size and performance. The LTCC fabrication process assures minimal RF performance variation while delivering a product that is well-suited for environmental extremes of high humidity and temperature.

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