LTCC Low Pass Filter, 0805 , from DC to 1800 MHz


Product Overview
Mini-Circuits’ XBF-Series are GaAs MMIC reflectionless filters which includes 4-sections, giving you ultra-
high rejection in the stopband – up to 50 dB! Reflectionless filters employ a patented filter topology which
absorbs and terminates stopband signals internally rather than reflecting them back to the source. This
new capability enables unique applications for filter circuits beyond those suited to traditional approaches.
Traditional filters are reflective in the stopband, sending signals back to the source at 100% power. These
reflections interact with neighboring components and often result in intermodulation and other interfer-
ences. By eliminating stopband reflections, reflectionless filters can readily be paired with sensitive devices
and used in applications that otherwise require circuits such as isolation amplifiers or attenuators.


Ceramic • Low Pass Filter • DC to 1800 MHz • Very good rejection, 50dB typical • Rugged, ceramic construction • Tiny size, 0.079 x 0.049 x 0.037”(0805) • Excellent power handling, 6W

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