Low Current MMIC Amplifier, DC to 7 GHz

Product Overview LEE2-6+ (RoHS compliant) is wideband current driven amplifier fabricated using HBT technology. In ad- dition, the LEE2-6+, has good input and output return loss over a broad frequency range without the need for external matching components. Lead finish is Tin Silver over Nickel. It has repeatable performance from lot to lot and is enclosed in a 2mm x 2mm x 0.89mm 6-lead MCLP package for very good electrical performance. Feature Advantages Broadband, DC* to 7 GHz (* Low frequency cut off determined by external coupling capacitors) A single amplifier covering DC* to C band. Reduced component inventory Ideal for wideband applications such as instrumentation and military Low Noise Figure: 2.3 dB at 2 GHz Low noise figure and low current (16mA) is ideal for use as an LNA in receivers High Gain, 18.9 dB at 2 GHz Minimizes the effect of NF of succeeding stages. MCLP Package Low inductance, repeatable transitions, excellent thermal pad.


Low Noise figure, 2.3 dB at 2 GHz • Low Current, 16 mA • Broadband matched

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