Fixed Attenuator


Features • Small package, 2×2 MCLP™ • Super Wide bandwidth, DC-43.5 GHz • Excellent VSWR, 1.1:1 typ. • High Power Handling, 1.7W

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TCD-17-282X+ Mini-Circuits’ TCD-17-282X+ surface mount directional coupler provides 17 dB nominal coupling with excellent flatness from 5 to 2850 MHz, supporting a wide variety of applications including VHF/UHF, CATV, cellular, SatCom and more. This model provides low mainline loss, high directivity and excellent return loss. The coupler is built with core and
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047-6SMPR+ The 047 Series Hand-Flex Coaxial Cables are ideal for interconnection of coaxial components or sub-systems in tight spaces. The outer shield is tin plated copper braid and tin soaked, which minimizes signal leakage and at the same time flexible for easy bend. Right-angle SMP-F blind mate push-on / snap-on
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VLFX-2500+ Mini-Circuits’ VLFX-2500+ is a coaxial low pass filter with a passband from DC to 2500 MHz, supporting a wide range of applications from harmonic rejection to lab use and more. This model provides 1.5 dB passband insertion loss, 30 dB stopband rejection up to 20000 MHz with fast roll-off
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AS9100 מעבר דוחף מצוינות טכנית

AS9100 מעבר דוחף מצוינות טכניתArthur Ackerman/Mini-Circuits המצוינות הטכנית בחברת Mini–Circuits עומדת להגיע למוקד חד יותר ככל שאנו מתקרבים לעשור החמישי של החברה, מאז נוסדה על ידי מר הארווי קיילי [Harvey Kaylie], בשנת 1969. מוקד זה בא לידי ביטוי מודגש עם היוזמה הנוכחית לחידוש האישור של מערכת ניהול האיכות (QMS) שלנו
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BDCH-25-272 Mini-Circuits has expanded our offering of surface-mount couplers with a new series of stripline-based models providing extremely high power handling in a miniature, low-profile printed laminate form factor. New model BDCH-25-272 is a bi-directional coupler which achieves 150W RF power handling and 2.5A DC current handling for applications from
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ZX60-53LNB-S+ Mini-Circuits ZX60-53LNB+ is a low-noise amplifier offering industry-leading performance over its full frequency range from 500 MHz to 5 GHz. It contains internal switching, allowing the user control of the amplifier to handle both high and low signal levels by bypassing the LNA in the presence of large signals.
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