SP5T RF Switch 75Ω, High Power 3W, 5 to 2000 MHz

JSW5-23DR-75+ is a high power reflective SP5T RF switch, with reflective short on output ports in the off condition. Made using Silicon-on-Insulator process, it has very high IP3, a built-in CMOS driver and nega- tive voltage generator. Its tiny 2x2mm, 14-lead case enables wideband performance in tight spaces and dense PCB layouts.


• High Isolation, 38 dB typ. at 1 GHz • Low insertion loss, 0.7 dB typ. at 1 GHz • High IP3, 59 dBm typ. at 1 GHz • Low current consumption, 40 µA typ. • High Power, P0.1dB 3W

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