Product Overview JSW3-272DR+ is a reflective SP3T RF switch, with reflective short on output ports in the off condition. Made using Silicon-on-Insulator process, it has very high IP3, a built-in CMOS driver and negative voltage generator. Its tiny 2x2mm, 14-lead case enables wideband performance in tight spaces and dense PCB layouts. Feature Advantages Wideband operation 5-2700 MHz Enables a single component to be used in a vast array of applications from VHF up to 2.7 GHz. High IIP3: 55 dBm typ. Results in little or negligible inter-modulation generation, meeting requirements for digital communication signals. Low Loss, 0.6 dB at 1 GHz High input power, 3W Low loss and high power capability enable a single switch to be used for a variety of ap- plications, saving inventory. Built in negative voltage generator Operates with a single positive supply voltage; no need for DC blocking capacitors, un- less external DC is present at the RF ports. Built-in CMOS driver No need for external driver, saving PCB space and cost. Tiny MCLP package 2 x 2mm, 14-lead Provides low inductance, repeatable transitions, and excellent thermal contact to PCB.


• High Power, 2.5W at 2 GHz • Low insertion loss, 0.4 dB typ. at 3 GHz • High IIP3, 75 dBm typ. from 100-6000 MHz • Low current consumption, 120 µA typ. • Immune to latch up

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