IMAGEVK-74 | 4D Millimeter Wave Imaging Kit


The IMAGEVK-74 is a revolutionary tool incorporating Vayyar’s highly integrated RFIC technology and radar IP into a compact evaluation kit. This kit enables researchers around the world to explore and realize millimeter-wave imaging and sensing applications without the cost and overhead that would otherwise be associated with developing the required hardware.


• Includes 20 Tx and 20 Rx on-board antennas that can be configured to transmit and receive signals anywhere within the 62 to 69 GHz range.
• Provides unmatched flexibility for hardware developers and researchers with three performance-optimized transmit profiles and direct access to the Tx/Rx pair phasors for each swept-frequency point.
• The High-resolution profile uses 20 Tx and 20 Rx antennas ideal for high-resolution 3D imaging.
• Medium and fast scan profiles using 10 or 4 Tx antennas are ideal for applications such as 2D imaging or object tracking, which don’t require high angular resolution.
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