High Power Amplifier 50Ω 100W 2500 to 6000 MHz


The HPA-100W-63+ is a high power, rack mount amplifier with a self-contained AC power supply which can be used for
a wide variety of laboratory testing applications. This rugged amplifier is capable of amplifying signals up to 100W output
power over its entire operating bandwidth of 2500 to 6000 MHz. Built-in safety features include fans alarms and automatic
shut down mechanism to prevent damage in the event of excessive internal temperatures. The amplifier’s output stage is
further protected in the event of a fault condition, allowing high power operation for up to 5 minutes into an open or short load
(refer to the maximum input power specifications).


• High output power at saturation, 100W typ. • High gain, 58 dB typ. • Excellent reverse isolation, 93 dB typ. • Rugged 3U rack mount case style with internal fans • Operates from AC line power: 85-264V • Built-in over-temperature protections

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