Product Overview Mini-Circuits’ HJK-251H+ is a surface mount, level 17 FET-based frequency mixer with an RF frequency range from 40 to 250 MHz, LO frequency range from 10 to 220 MHz, and IF frequency range from 10 to 90 MHz. Its double-balanced FET configura- tion achieves an outstanding combination of low conversion loss, low noise figure and high IP3 performance without the need for a DC bias current, ideal for sensitive receiver applications including base stations, mobile radio, radar, and more. The mixer comes housed in a miniature, shielded 6-lead package (0.38 x 0.5 x 0.23″), saving space in tight PCB layouts. Feature Advantages High IP3, +32 dBm Minimizes third order intermodulation products and improves dynamic range in demanding environments where multiple carriers may be present. Excellent P1dB compression, +20 dBm typ. Whereas the 1-dB compression point of a diode-based mixer is typically 4 to 6 dB lower than the LO power level, the 1-dB compression point of HJK-251H+ FET-based mixer is +20 dBm higher than the LO signal power. This results in excellent linearity and high dynamic range. High isolation: L-R isolation, 50 dB L-I isolation, 45 dB Preserves signal integrity from input to output by reducing undesirable signal responses that can degrade system performance. Low conversion loss, 7 dB Low conversion loss results in higher output IP3 and better overall system dynamic range. Small size (0.38 x 0.5 x 0.23″) Saves PCB real estate and accommodates crowded layouts. HJK-251H+ The Big Deal Low conversion loss, 7.0 dB typ. High IP3, 32 dBm typ. Excellent L-R isolation, 50 dB typ. Level 17 (LO Power +17 dBm) 40 to 250 MHz CASE STYLE: TTT881 Frequency Mixer High IP3


Low conversion loss, 7.0 dB typ. • High IP3, 32 dBm typ. • Excellent L-R isolation, 50 dB typ.

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