LTCC High Pass Filter, 14300-18500 MHz


Product Overview: The HFCN-1322+ LTCC high pass filter covers the 14300 to 18500 MHz passband with 1.5 dB passband insertion loss and 28 dB stopband rejection. This model handles up to 7W RF input power and provides a wide operating temperature range from -55 to +100°C. Utilizing LTCC multi-layer construction, the filter achieves excellent repeatability of performance and comes in a tiny 1206 ceramic package with wraparound terminations, minimizing performance variations due to parasitics and saving space in dense PCB layouts. Feature Advantages LTCC Construction Provides repeatable performance in a rugged, ceramic package well suited for tough envi- ronments such as high humidity and temperature extremes. Tiny size (0.12 x 0.06 x .04″) Saves space in dense circuit board layouts and minimizes the effects of parasitics. Wrap-around terminations Provides excellent solderability and easy visual inspection Wide operating temperature range, -55 to +100°C Enables reliable performance in extreme environments HFCN-1322+


Rugged ceramic construction • 7W Power Handling • Tiny size (0.12 x 0.06 X .04”)
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