5 Volt, High Gain Monolithic Amplifier Die, DC - 6000 MHz, 50Ω


GVA-81-DG+ (RoHS compliant) is a wideband high gain amplifier die offering high dynamic range. It uses patented Transient Protected Darlington configuration and is fabricated using InGaP HBT technology, offering flat gain over a broad frequency range and high IP3. It provides good input and output return loss over a broad frequency range without the need for external matching components. Provided as an unpackaged amplifier die on GaAs, this model allows easy integration directly into the user’s hybrids.


• High Gain, 10 dB Typ.
• High Pout, P1dB 19.5dBm Typ.
• High IP3, 41dBm Typ. at 1GHz
• Ruggedized design
• Fixed 5V operation
• Excellent ESD Protection
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