Flat Gain, High IP3 Monolithic Amplifier 50Ω, 0.01 to 6 GHz

GVA-62+ (RoHS compliant) is an wideband amplifier fabricated using InGap HBT technology and offers ultra flat gain over a broad frequency range and with high IP3. In addition, the GVA-62+, has good input and output return loss over a broad frequency range without the need for external matching components and has demonstrated excellent reliability. Lead finish is SnAgNi. It has repeatable performance from lot to lot and is enclosed in a SOT-89 package for very good thermal performance.


• Flat Gain, ±0.7 dB over 50-4000 MHz • Gain, 15.4 dB typ. at 2 GHz • High Pout, P1dB 19.8 dBm typ. at 2 GHz • High IP3, 37.8 dBm typ. at 50 MHz; 33.6 dBm at 2GHz • Excellent ESD protection, Class 1C for HBM • No external matching components required • May be used as replacement for RFMD SBB4089Z

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