High Gain, Low Noise MMIC Amplifier , from DC to 3000 MHz


Product Overview
GALI-S66-D+ (RoHS compliant) is a low current, low noise wideband amplifier Die offering high dynamic
range.it is fabricated using GaAs HBT technology.
Feature Advantages
Broad Band: DC to 3 GHz
Broadband covering primary wireless communications bands: Cellular, PCS, communi-
cation receivers and transmitters
Low Noise Figure, 2.4 dB typ.
Low noise in combination with low current saves DC power consumption and ideal for
frontend applications.
High Gain, 18.2 dB at 2 GHz Minimize the effect of subsequence stages on overall Noise Figure
Unpackaged Die Enables the user to integrate the amplifier directly into hybrids


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