Product Overview GALI-39-D+ (RoHS compliant) is a wideband amplifier Die offering high dynamic range. It uses patented Transient Protected Darlington configuration and is fabricated using InGaP HBT technology. GALI-39-D+ is designed to be rugged for supply switch-on transients. Feature Advantages Broad Band: DC to 7 GHz Broadband covering primary wireless communications bands: Cellular, PCS, LTE Low Noise Figure, 2.4 dB typ. at 2 GHz A unique feature of the GALI-39-D+ which separates this design from all competitors is the low noise figure performance in combination with the high IP3 resulting in high dynamic range. Unpackaged Die Enables the user to integrate the amplifier directly into hybrids


• Frequency range, DC to 7 GHz
• Internally Matched to 50 Ohms
• Output power, 10.5 dBm typ.
• High Gain, 19.7 dB at 2GHz
• Protected by US Patent 6,943,629
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