Flexible Interconnect, 0.086" center diameter, 40 GHz

The FL86 Series Flexible Coaxial Cables are ideal for interconnection of coaxial components or sub-systems. The construction includes a silver-plated copper-clad steel center conductor. The outer shield is copper braid, tin soaked, which minimizes signal leakage and at the same time flexible for easy bend. Dielectric is low loss PTFE. Connectors have passivated stainless-steel coupling nut over a gold plated connector body with gold plated brass center conductor. The FL86 Series Flexible cables are available in variety of length to meet your requirements.


Flexible RF Cables Tight Bend Radius, 6mm Static Bend, 20mm Dynamic Excellent Return loss • 27 dB typ. at 26.6 GHz • 20 dB typ. at 40 GHz Good Power Handling Capability: • 12W at 40 GHz

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