MMIC Surface Mount Power Splitter/Combiner 4 Way-0°, 50Ω, 10.7 to 31 GHz

Mini-Circuits’ EP4KA+ is a MMIC 4-way 0° splitter/combiner designed for wideband operation from 10.7 to 31 GHz supporting many applications requiring high performance across a wide frequency range including LTE bands through phased array radars, 5G, as well as instrumentation and more. This model provides good isolation, and low phase and amplitude unbalance in a small 5 x 5mm QFN package. Manufactured using GaAs IPD technol- ogy, the EP4KA+ not only provides a repeatable performance, but also a high level of ESD protection.


• Wide bandwidth, 10.7 to 31 GHz • Excellent isolation, 20 dB typ. at 21 GHz • Excellent amplitude unbalance, 0.2 dB typ. at 21 GHz • Small size, 5×5 mm • Aqueous washable

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