MMIC Power Splitter/Combiner Die 2 Way-0° 50Ω DC to 8 GHz

Mini-Circuits’ EP2RCW-D+ is a MMIC 2-way 0˚ splitter/combiner Die designed for wideband operation from DC to 8 GHz supporting many applications requiring high performance across a wide frequency range including all the LTE bands through WiMax an WiFi, as well as instrumentation and more. This model provides excellent power handling up to 0.6W (as a splitter/combiner) with low insertion loss, good isolation, and low phase and amplitude unbalance. Manufactured using GaAs IPD technology, the EP2RCW-D+ provides a high level of ESD protection and excellent repeatability


• Wide bandwidth, DC to 8 GHz • Excellent isolation, 21 dB typ. up to 4 GHz • Excellent amplitude unbalance, 0.1 dB typ. up to 8 GHz • Good phase unbalance, 0.1 deg. typ. at 4 GHz • High ESD level • Patent pending

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