Ultra-Wideband MMIC Amplifier, DC to 16 GHz


Product Overview The EHA-163L+ is a low current, wideband gain block that operates up to 16 GHz fabricated using highly reliable HBT process. This Darlington pair amplifier delivers excellent gain flatness, good return loss, low current with acceptable P1dB and OIP3 across a wide bandwidth without the need of external matching network. It has highly repeatable performance from lot to lot and it is enclosed in a 2mm x 2mm 6-lead package. Feature Advantages Super Wideband: DC to 16GHz Generate purpose wideband amplifier is suitable for various applications. Low Current, 20mA Low current consumption is ideal for driver amplifier. Excellent gain flatness, ±0.75 dB up to 12 GHz As a desirable characteristic of a wideband amplifier, excellent gain flatness allows amplification of a signal without changing the waveform in time domain. No external matching component required EHA-163L+ provides input & output return loss of 10 dB up to 16 GHz without the need for any external matching components.


• Super Wideband, DC to 16 GHz • Excellent Flat Gain, ±0.75 dB up to 12GHz • Low Current, 20mA • Good Input & Output Return Loss (>10dB) • Repeatable performance (HBT Process) • Small Package (2×2 6L MCLP)

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