General Purpose, Wideband, MMIC Variable Gain Amplifier, 50 MHz to 3 GHz


Product Overview The DVGA2-33APP+ is a 50W RF Digital Variable Gain Amplifier that offers an attenuation of 31.5 dB in 0.5 dB steps using a 6-bit Parallel interface attenuator and 19dB gain using a InGap HBT amplifier. Step attenuator used in DVGA2-33APP+ is produced using a unique combination of CMOS process on silicon, offering the performance of GaAs, with the advantages of conventional CMOS devices. Feature Advantages 31.5 dB attenuation in 0.5 dB step size Combining medium gain and a wide range of gain control makes the DVGA2- 33APP+ an ideal building block for any RF chain where level setting control is required in a fast speed of parallel control interface. Flat frequency response, ±0.7 over 700-2100 MHz No need for external components to flatten gain. Medium Gain, 19 dB Incorporating multiple stages of amplification, the DVGA2-33APP+ provides me- dium gain over a wideband reducing cost and PCB board space. Good IP3, +30.7 dBm at 1.0 GHz Use in receivers and transmitters giving the users advantage in instantenous spur free dynamic range over wide bandwidths. Output Power, +16.8 dBm at 1.0 GHz The DVGA2-33APP+ maintains consistent output power capability over the full attenuation range and operating temperature range making it ideal to be used in remote applications such as LNB’s as the L Band driver stage. Attenuation Step size, 0.5 dB, accuracy 0.1 to 0.5 dB typ. Total attenuation, 31.5 dB Enables precise control of gain in 0.5 dB steps up to 31.5 dB. MCLP Package Low Inductance, repeatable transitions, excellent thermal pad. PCB area reduction The DVGA2-33APP+ combines multiple functions common to TX/RX architectures into a single 5x5mm package Flexibility in the application block diagram The DVGA2-33APP+ provides access to the internal circuit through external jumper (see simplified schematic) enables designers flexibility to incorporate a wide range of additional circuits.


Integrated Amplifier and Digital Attenuator • 19 dB Gain / 31.5 dB Gain Control • Flat frequency response, ±0.7 dB (700-2100 MHz)
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