Ceramic Resonator Band Pass Filter , from 1375 to 1575 MHz


Product Overview
Mini-Circuits’ Coaxial-Ceramic Resonator filters offer low insertion loss in very small form factors, using ceramic
material with high dielectric constant and superior Q factor. Bandpass and bandstop filters,diplexer and multiplexer
designs can be constructed using this technology. Low insertion loss combined with excellent power handling
makes these filters well suited for transmitter and receiver signal chains. Advanced filter design and construction
can achieve stopband width greater than 3x the center frequency as high as 20 GHz.
All our coaxial-ceramic resonator filters are built with rugged construction, qualified to withstand multiple demanding
reflow cycles. Excellent repeatability across units is achieved through precise tuning and process control.


• Low Insertion loss
• Low-profile shielded package
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