LTCC Band Pass Filter, 0603 , from 4900 to 5900 MHz


Mini-Circuits’ BPJC-542R+ is an LTCC bandpass filter with a passband from 4900 to 5900 MHz, optimized for use in Wi-Fi high-band applications. This model provides 1.0 dB passband insertion loss, 40 dB lower stopband rejection, and 34 dB upper stopband rejection. The filter is capable of handling up to 1W RF input power and provides a wide operating temperature range from -55 to +100°C. Utilizing LTCC construction, the unit is fabricated in a tiny ceramic monolith (0.08 x 0.05 x 0.02”) with excellent repeatability and low cost, suitable for volume production.


• Passband optimized for high band Wi-Fi
• Tiny size, 0603
• High rejection, 40 dB in lower stopband; 34 dB in upper stopband
• Low cost
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