Lumped LC Band Pass Filter, 470-705 MHz


Product Overview The BPF-C587+ is a wide band filter in a small shielded package (size of 0.87″ x 0.80″ x 0.25″) fabricated using SMT technology. This filter offers sharp roll-off and rejection of 25 dB Typ. for use in HDTV broadcasting. Feature Advantages Sharp roll-off Provides good rejection of signals close to passband for improved systems performance. Good VSWR This filter maintains typical VSWR over passband frequency range making this filter easier to inte- grate into receiver and transmitter RF chains with less concerns for in band frequency ripple. Flatness 1.0 dB typical Better flatness over the full HDTV broadcasting band ( 420-705 MHz) making this ideal for use in ap- plications where flatness and repeatability are critical performance requirements. Metal SMT Shielded case. Reduced interference to, and from surrounding components.


• Sharp roll-off
• Wide bandwidth
• Good VSWR
• Miniature shielded package
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