LTCC Band Pass Filter, 400-600 MHz


Product Overview The BFTC-500+ LTCC bandpass filter covers the 400 to 600 MHz passband with 25 dB upper/lower stopband re- jection. This model handles up to 4W RF input power and provides a wide operating temperature range from -40 to +85°C. Utilizing LTCC multi-layer construction, the filter achieves excellent repeatability of performance and comes in a tiny ceramic package saving space in dense PCB layouts. Feature Advantages LTCC Construction Provides a rugged package well suited for tough environments such as high humidity and temperature extremes. Tiny size (0.150 x 0.150 x 0.059″) Saves space in dense circuit boards and minimizes the effects of parasitics. Wide operating temperature range, -40 to +85°C Enables reliable performance in extreme environments


• Good VSWR 1.5 typ. @ passband
• Small size
• Hermetically sealed
• Temperature sable
• LTCC construction
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