LTCC Band Pass Filter, 8350-8550 MHz


The BFCN-8450+ LTCC Band Pass Filter is constructed with 5 layers in order to achieve a miniature size and high repeatability of performance. Wrap-around terminations minimize variations in performance due to parasitics. Covering 8450 MHz ±100 MHz, these units offer low insertion loss and good rejection at the band reject edges. Feature Advantages Small Size (3.20mm x1.6 mm) Allows for high layout density of circuit boards, while minimizing affects of parasitics. Rejection peaks close to pass band Provides good rejection of signals close to the pass band, for improved system performance. Wrap around termination Provides excellent solderability and easy visual inspection capability. LTCC construction Provides a rugged package that is well suited for tough environments including high humidity and high temperature extremes.


Small size 3.2mm x 1.6mm • Pass band (8350-8550 MHz) • Low Insertion Loss (1.6 dB typical)

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