High-Power, DC Pass SMT Bi-Directional Coupler, 25 dB, 700 to 2700 MHz

Key Features BDCH-25-272 Bi-Directional Coupler DC Pass, High Power CASE STYLE: PQ2098 The Big Deal High power handling, up to 150W Low insertion loss, 0.2 dB Typ Excellent return loss, 29 dB Typ (all ports) 50 25dB Coupling 150W 700 to 2700 MHz Feature Advantages Low insertion loss, 0.2 dB typ. Used primarily in high power transmission applications, the excellent through-path signal loss maximizes the power transmitted to the antenna. High power handling, up to 150W Usable in many systems with high-power requirements such as antenna feeds, power amplifiers, and others that require sampling a high power RF signal. Excellent return loss, 29 dB typ. (all ports) Provides excellent matching for 50 systems. Good Coupling flatness (±0.5 dB typ at 800-2500 MHz) Flat coupling values across the frequency range allows accurate signal sampling through the coupled port with minimal measurement error. DC current passing up to 2.5 A Suitable for use in systems requiring DC voltage on the RF line, such as supplying bias to remote circuit via the antenna cable.


High power handling, up to 150W • Low insertion loss, 0.2 dB • Excellent return loss, 29 dB (all ports)

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