Mini-Circuits BDCH-10-63 ultra wide band high-power bi-directional coupler covers frequencies from 2000
to 6000 MHz with high power handling up to 100 W and insertion loss of 0.1 dB Typ. The ultra wide band
supports a wide variety of applications from S band and C band radar through various cellular base station
applications, UHF and SHF power monitoring up to 6000 MHz.
The coupler is designed into an open printed laminate (0.2 x 0.56 x 0.08”) with wrap-around terminations for
good solderability and easy visual inspection.


• ultra wide band 2000 – 6000 MHz.
• high power, up to 100 W.
• low insertion loss, 0.1 dB Typ.
• excellent return loss, 25 dB Typ.(all Ports).
• good directivity, 22 dB Typ.
• DC current pass through input to output.
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