TERM / 2.92MM-F / 40GHZ RoHS

Product Overview
Mini-Circuits’ ANNEF-50K+ is an ultra-wideband 50 termination capable of absorbing signals up to 1W
from DC to 40 GHz. It provides excellent return loss across its entire operating frequency range, effectively
dissipating signal power with minimal reflections. This model has a 2.92mm-female connector, mechani-
cally compatible with 3.5mm-female and SMA male connectors. The unit features rugged construction for
a long life of use and comes in a passivated stainless steel case measuring only 0.61″(l) x 0.31″ (dia.).


wideband coverage, DC to 40 GHz • return loss, 26 dB typ. up to 40 GHz • rugged construction • mechanically compatible with 3.5 mm and SMA connectors

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