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25 dB SMT Directional Coupler, 120 - 870 MHz, 50Ω


• High power, 75W max. with output load VSWR 1.4 max
• High power, 20W max. with output open or short
• Low mainline loss, 0.2 dB typ.
• Good VSWR, 1.2 typ.


Mini-Circuits’ SYDC-25-92VHP+ surface mount directional coupler provides exceptionally high power handling up to 75W and low mainline loss of 0.2 dB for applications from 120 to 870 MHz. The coupler features core and wire construction mounted on an 8-lead printed laminate base with wraparound terminations for excellent solderability. The unit measures 0.43 x 0.69 x 0.41”, accommodating dense circuit board layouts.

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