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Ultra Low Noise, Medium Current Amplifier Die, 450 - 6000 MHz, 50Ω


• Low Noise Figure, 0.4 dB
• Gain, 17 dB at 2 GHz
• High Output IP3, +33 dBm
• Output Power at 1dB comp., +21 dBm
• High Current, 15 to 60mA
• Wide bandwidth
• External biasing and matching required


SAV-541-DG+ is an ultra-low noise, high IP3 transistor die, manufactured using E-PHEMT* technology enabling it to work with a single positive supply voltage. It has outstanding Noise Figure, particularly below 2.5 GHz, and when combining this noise figure with high IP3 performance in a single device it makes it an ideal amplifier for demanding base station applications.

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