Product Overview
The Mini-Circuits ZCDC20-5R263-S+ wideband directional coupler offers exceptional performance
operating over 0.5 to 26.5 GHz. This coupler has excellent coupling flatness, good directivity, and power
handling. It is ideal for lab testing applications as well as for power monitoring over wide bands, among
other applications.


• Wideband frequency coverage, DC to 40 GHz
• Low Loss, 1.6 dB typ. at 40 GHz
• Excellent Return Loss, 30 dB typ. at 40 GHz
• Hand formable to almost any custom shape without
special bending tools
• 6mm bend radius for tight installations
• Anti-torque nut prevents cable stress during installation
• Insulated outer jacket standard
• Connector interface, meets MIL-STD-348
• Ideal for interconnect of assembled systems
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