Key Features Feature Advantages Hand-formable RF cables Facilitates the assembly of coaxial systems and sub-systems without the need for special cable- bending tools or adapters. Reduces the risk of damage during bending. Tight bend-radius, 6mm 6mm bend-radius makes the cable ideal for connections in tight spaces and crowded layouts. Low insertion loss Minimizes overall signal path loss. Excellent return loss Minimizes signal reflection and VSWR ripple contribution. BNC-Male connectors Supports easy interconnection of components and equipment in systems with BNC connector types. Good power handling 211W at 0.5 GHz 80W at 3 GHz Supports medium to high RF power levels used in transmit paths.


• Wideband frequency coverage, DC to 3 GHz
• Low Loss, 0.3 dB at 3 GHz
• Excellent Return Loss, 30 dB at 3 GHz
• Hand formable to almost any custom shape without
special bending tools
• 6mm bend radius for tight installations
• Insulated outer jacket standard1
• Connector interface, meets MIL-STD-348
• Ideal for interconnect of assembled systems
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