Hand-Flex Coaxial Cable, 50Ω, 10 inch, DC to 18 GHz


086-SMPR+ Series Hand-Flex interconnect cables are ideal for interconnecting coaxial components and sub- assemblies in a wide range of systems. Rugged, hand-formable cable construction provides a minimum bend radius of 6mm to accommodate tight layouts without the need for bending tools, adapters or brackets. Right-angle SMP-F blind mate snap-on connectors make these cables ideal for connections between adjacent modules in crowded system layouts. The connector interface meets MIL-STD-348 requirements and an insulated outer jacket protects against wear and tear. 086-SMPR+ cables are available in a variety of lengths to meet your requirements.


• Wideband frequency coverage, DC to 18 GHz
• Low Loss, 0.94 dB at 18 GHz
• Excellent Return Loss, 25 dB at 18 GHz
• Hand formable to almost any custom shape without special bending tools
• 6mm bend radius for tight installations
• Insulated outer jacket standard
• Connector interface, meets MIL-STD-348
• Ideal for interconnect of assembled systems
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