20W 6 Way-0� Coaxial Splitter/Combiner , from 600 to 6000 MHz


Key Features
Feature Advantages
Wideband, 600 to 6000 MHz ZN6PD1-63-S+ supports bandwidth requirements for a wide variety of applications.
High power handling:
20W as a splitter
1.5W as a combiner
Suitable for a variety of system power requirements.
Low insertion loss, 2.0 dB
Provides good signal power transmission, making this model ideal for signal distribution applica-
tions where low loss is a requirement.
DC Passing, 0.6A (100mA each port) Supports applications where DC power is needed at later stages in the system.
The Big Deal
Wideband, 600 to 6000 MHz
Low insertion loss, 2.0 dB
High-Power Handling, 20W as a splitter


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