Coaxial Low Noise Amplifier, 400 - 3000 MHz, 50Ω


The ZKL-33ULN-S+ (RoHS compliant) uses Mini-Circuits’ E-PHEMT technology to offer very high gain with a combina- tion of ultra low noise figure over a broad frequency range and high OIP3. Housed in a rugged shielded package with class 3A ESD rating and internal voltage regulator, this amplifier supports a wide variety of applications requiring moder- ate power output, low distortion and 50 ohm matched input/output ports.


• Low Noise Figure, 0.36 dB typ. at 0.9 GHz
• High OIP3, +36 dBm at 0.9 GHz typ.
• High Pout, P1dB, +18 dBm typ. at 0.9 GHz typ.
• High Gain, 35.0 dB at 0.9 GHz typ.
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