1:1 CORE & WIRE Transformer, 20 - 520 MHz, 50Ω


High power handling, 15W • Low insertion loss, 0.4 dB • Excellent amplitude unbalance, 0.15 dB


Mini-Circuits’ SYTX1-52HP-15W+ is a high-power, surface-mount transformer with a secondary/primary impedance ratio of 1:1, covering the 20 to 520 MHz band. With proper heat sinking, the transformer is capable handling RF input power up to 15W and DC current up to 30mA. It provides low insertion loss (0.4 dB) as well as very low phase unbalance (1°) and amplitude unbalance (0.15 dB). Featuring core and wire construction mounted on a printed laminate base, the unit comes enclosed in a miniature, shielded package measuring just 0.43 x 0.69 x 0.28″, ideal for dense circuit board layouts.

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