USB/Ethernet Dual SP4T Switch Module , from DC to 40000 MHz

Mini-Circuits’ RC-2SP4T-40 comprises a pair of independently controlled, electro-mechanical SP4T switches. Each switch
operates over an extremely wide bandwidth, from DC to 40 GHz with high isolation and low insertion loss. The absorptive
switches are of a fail-safe and break-before-make-configuration, with a minimum lifetime of 2 million switching cycles per switch
position, when used within the noted specifications.
The switch box is constructed in a compact, rugged metal case (5.5 x 6.0 x 2.25”) with 10 2.92 mm (f) RF connectors on the
front panel. The switches are controlled via USB or Ethernet, allowing control directly from a PC, or remotely over a network.
Full software support is provided, including our user-friendly GUI application for Windows and a full API with programming
instructions for Windows and Linux environments (both 32-bit and 64-bit systems).


• Dual mechanical SP4T switch • Excellent performance to 40 GHz • High reliability, 2 million switch cycles • 5W power rating (cold switching)

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