MMIC Surface Mount Wideband Double Balanced Mixer, Level 15 (LO Power 15dBm), 20-50 GHz


MDB-54H+ is super-wideband double balanced mixer fabricated using InGaP HBT technology. The MDB-54H+ mixer functions as an up converter or down converter for LO and RF frequencies from 20 to 50 GHz and covers IF bandwidths from DC-20 GHz. The Mixer operates with 15 dBm LO power level while providing 11dB conversion loss, 45 dB LO/RF isolation and 20 dBm input IP3. The mixer is ideal for use in wideband millimeter wave systems for communications, defense and test and measurement applications.


• Super wideband RF & LO, 20-50 GHz
• Super wideband IF, DC-20 GHz
• High L-R Isolation, 45 dB typ.
• Excellent input IP3, 20 dBm typ.
• Usable as Up & Down Converter
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